About me

Fortune-teller Warsaw

I come from a family in which the gift is inherited by subsequent generations. I have learnt the first interpretations of cards from my grandmother, and from my great-grandmother how to ask ghosts for help. I have mastered this knowledge in my many years of practice. Over the years, I have watched the changes in subconsciousness or energy programs being introduced to heal and repair particular areas of my and my clients’ lives. When I reached a wall and it turned out that none of the methods known to me can cope with some often very difficult situations, I had to open up to something that did not seem to affect our lives. I took the risk and left for Bahla, a town in Oman, considered the most haunted place on earth. There, in accordance with the desire of my soul, I experienced the presence of forces whose existence we deny, and with the help of a local healer-sorcerer I have learnt how to drive away the presence of an evil spirit from our space so that its actions would not spoil us anymore. I have learnt how to ask for good strength to hear our requests and get help. Finally, the sorcerer taught me how to make moon water, it is a special 3-hour ritual that is conducted at full moon, the water changes its energy so that it heals our body and the area of our life in which we do not cope well. This water can be done for love, money or health and it must be added to the bath before the next full moon.

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