Fortune Teller Warsaw

Welcome to my website

Hello, I am happy that you have visited my page. I understand you have a problem or you are filled with emptiness, you do not know where you are going and powerlessness suffocates the happiness of your life.

Regardless of whether you are a regular visitor who now needs something more than a dubious vision of your future or a desperate woman who has been refusing this type of service the whole life, I think it is not a coincidence that now, at this moment of your life, the winds of chaos have brought you to me. I am the wind that will bring your ship to calm waters.


Professionally, I have been fortune-telling for 20 years, I believe that it is something that must be done whole life. Most people consider that if fortune-telling is correct then it is the highest proof of success, but it was not enough for me, it worried me when the cards showed “bad” future, I wanted to influence it, I wanted to learn how to control the fate so that my clients could reborn like the Fenix from the ashes from even the worst scenarios. Through various spiritual paths that I touched or was completely lost in, I finally found a path that is universal to each of us.


Remember when you were a child and you were looking for a witch’s cottage in the forest? CONGRATULATIONS, you have found me – after so many lives in the forest, I got bored and moved to Saska Kępa. I will help you take control of the abyss that absorbs you. Come and let me enchant you, I know something about it…..


I am in Warsaw in Saska Kępa.


See you soon!