Fortune Teller Warsaw

Fortune-teller Warsaw – Price list

I read cards and sometimes it happens that the cards have nothing to say to you, or I am not the right guide for you. After the first general system from classic cards, you decide if you want to continue. If you do not want to, I do not take the money and we finish the meeting.
* Classic cards + tarot, 30-minute visit – PLN 200.00
* Classic cards + tarot, hour visit – PLN 300.00
* Meditations with energy purification and programming of subconsciousness – PLN 300.00
* Shamanic bones 7 questions – PLN 300.00
* Friday meditations – hour of shamanic meditations in a group – PLN 60.00 every Friday at 7.00 PM, you must first register because the number of people is limited to 5
* Hypnosis, previous incarnations – PLN 450.00

On the day of the meeting, please do not eat meat or fish to respect the energy of the ghosts of animals, which is very helpful during fortune-telling.